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About Carter

symbolic self-portrait picture of Carter Blakelaw

Carter Blakelaw BSc BA lives in bustling central London, in a street with two bookshops and an embassy, any of which might provide escape to new pastures, if only for an afternoon.

Carter has studied physics, philosophy and computer science and was the lead programmer for the Rooms 3D Desktops virtual reality engine, and has worked in integrated circuit design and test.

In addition to his Top 100 Writing Tips book, he has published three books on what makes us conscious and how that knowledge impinges on both the machines we build and on our art.

He has been an active member of the T-Party (latterly renamed Gravity's Angels) SF writers' group for 15 years, and of the Cola Factory (latterly renamed Spectrum) SF writers' group, for the last ten years.

His official FaceBook page is here: Carter Blakelaw on FaceBook.