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Break the rules, not the writing




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CB's Top 100 Writing Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Tools from the Advice Toolbox: Break the rules, not the writing

First eBook edition. January 12, 2021.

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Cover art and book design by Sanja Baletic & Jack Calverley

Photograph by Florian Klauer and Pawel Czerwinski from www.unsplash.com.




Section 1. Terms of Craft

Rule 0: Understand What Writers Mean by...

Section 2. How to Choose the Words You Use

Rule 1: Anchor the Reader in Your World

Rule 2: Make the Reader Feel Your World

Rule 3: Tie the Reader to Your Specific Vision

Rule 4: Speed-Feed Your Reader's Imagination

Rule 5: Make Some Descriptions Four-Dimensional

Rule 6: Keep Your Reader's Nose to the Text

Rule 7: Sprinkle with the Reader's Favorite Spice

Rule 8: Keep Your Reader Close to the Action

Rule 9: Make Each Blow Count

Rule 10: Lazy Writing Is Easy

Rule 11: Don't Pet the Dog!

Rule 12: You Had to Be There, Buddy

Section 3: What's in a Sentence?

Rule 13: Write for Magnetic Reading

Rule 14: Write in a Billiard Ball World

Rule 15: Write with Your Mouth Open

Rule 16: Write Against the Beat of Drums

Rule 17: Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick, Slow

Rule 18: Don't Race Against the Clock

Rule 19: Include the Missing Link

Rule 20: When to Jazz It Up

Rule 21: Live Life on a Diet

Rule 22: Mainline Your Words

Rule 23: No Peace, No Rest, No Sleep

Rule 24: I Told You I Done the Deed

Section 4: Gluing Sentences Together

Rule 25: Rhyme Means Blues

Rule 26: Upstaging

Rule 27: Small Talk

Rule 28: An Unnatural Act

Rule 29: A Blunt Instrument

Rule 30: Phonetically Speaking...

Rule 31: Another Tornado of Words

Rule 32: Out of This World

Rule 33: More of the Same?

Rule 34: A Red Rocket Tumbled from the Sky

Rule 35: The Railway Timetable

Rule 36: She, Who What?

Rule 37: "There Is No Rule 37," Say The Grammar Police

Rule 38: Quoting Chapter and Verse

Section 5: Most Beginning Writers Never Guessed

Rule 39: Stick a Pin in the Map

Rule 40: What's the Point?

Rule 41: A Riddle, Wrapped in a Mystery, Inside an Enigma

Rule 42: He Said, She Said, They Intoned

Rule 43: Advertising Needs and Wants

Rule 44: Choppy Waters

Rule 45: A Question of Variety

Rule 46: Never Letting Up

Rule 47: What's That Got to Do with the Price of Bread?

Rule 48: All Right, Mr. DeMille, I'm Ready for My Close-up

Rule 49: He Thought, She Thought, They Agonized

Rule 50: Sticky Prose

Rule 51: The Domino Effect

Rule 52: You Don't Need a Stopwatch

Rule 53: The One and the Many

Rule 54: An Indulgence in Contemporary Life

Rule 55: That Mysterious Statue in the Forest

Rule 56: The Airdrop and the Easter Egg

Rule 57: How to Decide What to Write

Section 6: The Gossip That Got Us All Started

Rule 58: Getting Character from Plot

Rule 59: Getting Plot from Character

Rule 60: It's Not Funny and It's Not Clever

Rule 61: Remind Me: Which Was Which?

Rule 62: I Got Stuck Over the Name

Rule 63: But He Meant Well

Rule 64: What the Protagonist Does

Rule 65: What the Protagonist Is at Heart

Rule 66: Winning by a Hair's Breadth

Rule 67: The Four-Dimensional Foe

Rule 68: Everyone Faces a Different Way

Rule 69: Force the Reader to Take an Interest

Rule 70: A Bad Hair Day Is No Excuse

Rule 71: The Superpower

Section 7: Telling Tales

Rule 72: I Laughed So Much It Made Me Cry

Rule 73: Whose Story Is It to Tell?

Rule 74: Prepare for the Inevitable

Rule 75: The Ubiquitous Versus the Common

Rule 76: A Sure-Fire Way to Dump the Reader

Rule 77: Enjoy the Long March

Rule 78: Seeing Is Not Believing

Rule 79: Don't Over-Egg the Pudding

Rule 80: Leave It Out, Mate!

Rule 81: The Unreal Body Part

Rule 82: Sing Your Own Song

Rule 83: Through Gritted Teeth, She Told the Tale

Rule 84: A Second Coat of Paint

Rule 85: The Writer as Graphic Designer

Rule 86: Catastrophic Genius

Rule 87: Swearing on a Stack of Your Books

Section 8: Just Between You and Me, My Friend

Rule 88: The Dialogue Between You and Your Reader

Rule 89: Roll up! Roll up! Read All About It!

Rule 90: Think Big

Rule 91: Story Shorthand

Rule 92: Order out of Chaos

Rule 93: What Time Do You Call This?

Rule 94: Once Upon a Time

Rule 95: Fishing and Story-Bait

Rule 96: Laugh or Cry?

Rule 97: Your New Best Friend

Rule 98: If There Were Only One Rule It Would Be This

Rule 99: Tub-Thumping

Rule 100: Common Advice

Rule 101: The End Is the End

Section 9: Extras: When Other People Get Involved

Rule 102: How to Triage Critiques, Feedback and Editorial Comment

Rule 103: Strictly Obey Submission Guidelines

Rule 104: Be Professional, Modest and Polite

Section 10: If There Is Only One Thing You Ever Do...

Appendix A: Bibliography

Appendix B: More Material Online

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